Relationships are often difficult. Either due to the many differences that may arise between people during the course of a few years, the pressure having to raise children, or the time needed to build a career, people can sometimes drift apart.

There are many signs that show the fact that a relationship is slowly beginning to crumble. While some may see the more delicate signs, everyone will notice that something is wrong when the two life partners are no longer passionate with each other.

This, unfortunately, is not the problem, but the symptom. Couples drifting apart will first stop being passionate, after which they will slowly loose interest in one another.

There are a few ways in which a relationship that has reached this point can be mended. However, the healing process requires a substantial amount of dedication from both parties.

Never the fault of one person

Couples that end up loosing contact with their more romantic sides usually do so as a result of a complex web of factors. However, it is important to remember the fact that it is always the result of the actions, or lack of, that come from both parties.

At this point it would be useless to concentrate on who is guilty or not. The important thing is to try to save the relationship and bring back a little passion in the bedroom.


  1. Spend time with each other and rekindle the emotional links

The best (and only) place to start is by first understanding that you already fell in love with each other. The only thing that has changed is the fact that you’ve lost contact with that feeling. Spend time together and concentrate on how you made each other fell when you were in love. Remember the things that you liked and how you used to feel together.

It is important to open up, emotionally, in order to relax and feel comfortable with the one next to you. Try to do the activities that you like and to share experiences. These will bring you closer and closer, without even noticing.

  1. Actively concentrate on the sexual aspect of your relationship

Most couples tend to transform their love life into a routine. Sex slowly transforms into a usual thing before bed. However, this makes it loose its importance and charm.

Start being more adventurous in the bedroom. Try using a few sex toys, or consider hiring an escort girl for a threesome. Push each other’s boundaries while staying focused on how the other one is feeling.

Keep in mind that simply coming home from work and jumping in bed isn’t enough. Flirt, tease, and kiss your partner. Remind both him, as well as yourself of how deep the connection between you to really is.

  1. Develop the habit of talking about everything

Part of the reason for which couples start falling apart is the lack of communication. Or the lack of MEANINGFULL communication.

Start talking about every aspect of your day, concentrating and relearning what the other one likes and dislikes. Put your heart and mind into the conversations and show interest in anything that your partner may want to tell you about.

  1. Go out on dates, and end them with sex

Nobody said that you can’t still go on dates after the first few months or years on a relationship. Actually, it is encouraged to do so. The environment and the various situations that you may find yourselves in will be enough to spark meaningful conversations and to make you flirt with one another.

Be relaxed and remember to enjoy yourselves. It is extremely important to understand that you’re not forced to do this, and that nobody is forcing results out of you. Have fun with your partner, show your feelings, and communicate.

  1. Be spontaneous, playful, dynamic

People tend to plateau after a few months of relationship. This has negative implications on both a personal, and interpersonal level. When you stop being dynamic, you practically stop having fun. And this can lead to overall boredom, not just with regard to the relationship.

Try to be spontaneous and playful. This is where the escort girl can come in. While it’s not necessary to be extremely bold with your ideas, you can certainly discuss them with your partner and figure something out.

Follow these steps and remember the fact that you have to want things to get better. Showing genuine interest is extremely important.

June 8, 2017