People tend to believe in stereotypes, and while the behavior of many would prove them right, this is not always the case. This is especially true when talking about bisexual individuals. They are not always “as advertised”, and you might be surprised to learn a few of their actual preferences.

Believing these misconceptions can lead to several awkward situations, for both you, as well as for any bisexual person you may be talking to or about. The following facts should help you better understand the particularities of those that have this sexual orientation and, hopefully, save you from embarrassing yourself, or insulting someone you talk to.

  1. Being bisexual is due to indecisiveness

Contrary to what some may think, being bisexual has nothing to do with not being able to decide which gender an individual likes more. Usually, the name says it all. It’s all about loving to be in intimate with both men, and women. Sex with both genders has particular advantages and disadvantages, and a bisexual individual does not feel compelled do choose.

People who find both men, and women attractive, are usually much more secure and stable than straight ones. This is often due to the fact that they’ve experienced what both genders have to offer and have felt that there is something to appreciate in both of them.

  1. They prefer both genders equally

Another big misconception is that bisexual people  draw a straight line with regards to their gender preferences. This is extremely far from the truth. In most cases, an individual will have a dominant preference, but will also find the other option attractive.

Also, just like a straight woman may find one man more attractive than another, so will a bisexual find various individuals more or less attractive. This misconception can usually be seen when a woman finds a woman more attractive than a man, or the other way around. It may be that the choice doesn’t have anything to do with gender, but rather with the individuals.

  1. Being bisexual means becoming gay

Being bisexual isn’t a type of gateway “drug” towards homosexuality. It’s a sexual preference by itself. Again, you can enjoy intimacy with both men, and women, in varying amounts, without having to choose a sexual preference to stick with for the rest of your life.

Bisexual individuals can have perfectly normal relationships with straight individuals, without ever having their sexual orientation interfere in their love life. There are situations where people have been in a relationship with a bisexual person for years, without having any idea of his or her sexual orientation.

  1. More likely to cheat on their lovers

Contrary to popular belief, those who can cheat with more people, do not feel inclined to. Presuming that someone is more likely to cheat simply because the individual is bisexual is absurd. Sexual preference only affects the gender that we find attractive, not the amount of sex that we need or how likely we are to cheat.

While many there are many escort girls that are bisexual, and are likely to agree to have a threesome with a couple, it does not mean that bisexuals feel the need to have sex with both men and women at the same time in order to be satisfied.

  1. Will say yes to threesome proposals most of the time

A misconception that can be found everywhere, but most often on networks like Tinder, it that all bisexuals live for threesomes, or even crave them. This is not true at all. In fact, many individuals of bisexual orientation may go through their whole lives without ever taking part in a threesome.

This choice does not have anything to do with what gender they find attractive, but rather with their sexual curiosity. Consider the fact that a lot of women may agree to a threesome with their lovers and another woman, without being bisexual. This also applies to men who may agree fantasize about sharing their wife or lover with another man, without wanting any kind of contact with the third person.

June 12, 2017