If you have not been living under a stone, you should be well aware that Amsterdam is a city that has legalized prostitution. If the last line left you in amazement, you are probably not aware of the scene with prostitution and escort in Amsterdam. The city that also goes by the name, A’Dam (read Adam) has a structured and a well-mannered prostitute industry that generates millions in revenue year after year.

If you would search online for Amsterdam, you would probably find people talking about sex thrives in the city and how it is a totally different experience. However, Amsterdam is more than just sex. Amsterdam has a beautiful and photogenic feel to it. The city houses amazing things like houseboats, brown cafes and several statues that you would fall in love with. That being said, prostitution in the city cannot be ignored. Escort in Amsterdam is a common thing and if you are going to visit the city, accept it, and enjoy it.

Does prostitution make the city unsafe and bad? Let me amaze you one more time. Amsterdam is one of the safest cities of the world. It ranked at number 5 as per a white paper study published by the Economist in 2015. Journalists call Amsterdam a city where women can roam freely and feel safe and a place where most of the crime stays underground. The founders of the city realised that prostitution and drugs are anyways going to happen one day; why not legalize and control them? And so they did it, resulting in the current status of the city. Adam is an interesting place and people are tolerant to the needs and demands of the tourists. Prostitution is a small part of the story of Amsterdam but when it comes to tourism, it plays a big, fat part.

Coming to the escort services, you can find them in all parts of the city. All these are licensed and operate legally. There are people who frown upon it but if you are a tourist, you should be caring less about people judging you and focusing more on what you need. There are several agencies that can provide you an escort in Amsterdam for a very decent fee. However, it is recommended to talk to agencies about your specific needs and demands before booking an escort girl. The agencies would normally agree to everything you say unless the activity can hurt the girl. You can also get an escort to accompany you to public places and go around the city. These girls are beautiful, classy and do not look like a prostitute. In fact, these girls can change the way you look at prostitution. They are highly professional and highly trained individuals who aim to satisfy your horny needs and your kinky demands.

Again, before you visit the city and book time with an escort, make sure that you have had a word with a handful of agencies that can provide skilful and professional escorts as per your need. The agencies have all sorts of girls – right from the chubby, cute ones to the pro dominatrix ones that can kick the hell out of your balls.

February 10, 2018