Craving for intimacy is an essential part of human nature. When we are single we feel a need for both sexual contact, as well as emotional connection. While a relationship can easily satiate both these needs, there are moments when a couple starts considering the option of having a threesome.

This desire can come from a variety of sources. It can be a result of the preference of one of both partners to experiment, a need to meet new people, or it can simply come out of boredom.

Regardless of the reason, more and more people are now experimenting with their sexuality, by including a third person into their love lives. Escort girls, friends, or even mutual acquaintances  are viable candidates for this experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many good things about threesomes. However, they do depend on the reason of the act:

  • Threesomes are a great choice for couples who feel that they have drifted apart. This is primarily due to the fact that it is a shared experience. While many people tend to simply say that they need to see other people and take a break from the whole relationship, those who choose a threesome instead will find that the experience will not cause them to loose trust in one another.
  • Curing boredom. This feeling can effectively kill a relationship. In most cases, one of the partner looses interest in the other, as a result of getting sick of the same things being repeated daily or weekly. Including another person in the bedroom is a great way to restore your confidence and spice things up. Most couples who have this problems typically choose an escort girl, or a close friend.
  • There is nothing wrong with being curious. This is especially true when it comes to sex. Most people learn what they like and dislike, over time, by experimenting. Some may feel that they have reached a point in their love life where they are secure enough in order to push their boundaries a bit.

Most people may like to find the third person amongst those that they know, while others may simply choose to get an escort order to prevent any emotional ties from forming. This choice is more popular among those who are experiencing their first threesome, or who do not plan to repeat it.

From a psychological point of view, there have been studies that have proved that a threesome can do wonders for a couple. However, this largely depends on how open minded the two individuals are. Great sex is appreciated by itself, however, there are cases when an experience such as this one can remind the two of the passion that they hold for each other.

It can also satisfy the need of intimacy with other people, without destroying the couple’s trust or unity.

If you plan on having your first threesome, then keep in mind the fact that this is a shared experience. This means that it’s not cheating, as long as everyone agrees to take part. Furthermore, you are not the only one sharing it. Do not neglect the third member. Keep in mind that no matter how strange it may be for you to be part of a threesome, the person you invite into your bed may very well have the same feeling. Try to divide your attention equally in order to allow everyone to have a good time.

Opening the subject

Most couples tend to be fearful of asking someone to take part in a threesome. While it may seem awkward at first, the emotional tension is easier to bear if you start by asking a few questions. Ask the potential third member how he feels about the idea, in general.

Also, try not to pressure him or her in any way. This kind of experience requires a great deal of trust, and people tend to loose their trust if they feel that they are pressured into something.

After easing into the subject, simply pose the question. There’s nothing horrible about being honest when it comes to your desires.

June 7, 2017