A city such as Amsterdam presents a lot of opportunities for those not accustomed to the legal environment that it offers. There are more than a few escort agencies around, all of the functioning inside the law, and being regulated by the government.

While it’s extremely easy to arrange an encounter with one of the escort girls, there are a few useful steps that should be followed in order to ensure that your experience will be as pleasant and satisfying as it can be.

  1. Read reviews and testimonials

Like any other website that is meant to be a medium through which the services of a company are provided, there are more than a few ways in which you can figure out if you’ll be getting a good deal or not.

Read the reviews and messages that can be found on the website. These will usually be quite accurate indicators in terms of quality.

  1. Skim through the website first

Don’t just grab the phone and start dialing. It is usually better to take a few minutes in order to read whatever you can find on the website. Many agencies will post various details and particularities regarding their services and the escort girls that work for them.

You are basically ordering a service and, like with any service, it’s better to look at the menu before making up you mind. This will also ensure that there won’t be any problems with your appointment. By doing this, you’re helping both yourself, as well as the agency deliver a better service.

  1. Offer relevant information only

Try not to go into too many details when looking to book a girl. While agencies to a great job of handling things with professionalism, there are escorts that may use the optional information that you give them to manipulate you into giving them more money.

Also, for a more pleasant experience, keep in mind that the girls are professionals. While they will spend all night listening to your life’s story, you will both have a lot more fun if you simply discus the present and focus on living, rather than remembering.

  1. Don’t be paranoid when it comes to secrecy

The girls are professionals. As a result, they are aware that neither you, nor they have anything to gain from parading through the streets or hotel corridors, showing off your arrangement. They will usually keep a low profile, unless asked otherwise, and even then may be reluctant to let others know about your agreement.

Try not to be overcautious when it comes to secrecy. The girls will presume, right from the start, that you do not want people to know. Also, most hotel clerks, or other people who may be close enough to catch on, are more than used to this practice and will likely not pay any attention to it.

  1. Tell the escort girlwhat you want and explain the situation

Communication is extremely important in a situation such as this one. Be sure to explain what you’re expecting from the whole experience and to tell the girl that you’ve booked exactly what you would like to do. This will not only allow her to get used to your preferences, but also give her the chance to adapt to any environment that you plan on entering, be it going to dinner, meeting with friends, or staying at the hotel.

  1. Don’t worry about potential legal or health issues

The agencies are strongly regulated by the government. This means that adequate laws are in place in order to ensure that healthy work standards are maintained, and also that there are no illegal sex workers.

You can rest assured, knowing that the girls go through periodic medical screenings, and that they have very strict policies regarding hygiene.

However, keep in mind that you are also expected to show a high level of hygiene and to be healthy. Most agencies will emphasize this aspect when first looking to book an escort girl.

June 10, 2017